10 Weeks to Freedom


10 Weeks to Freedom is a 1:1, collaborative & empowering program designed to shift life-long experiences of struggle permanently, naturally, and easily.

It combines the most advanced and current applications of neuro-linguistic programming, conscious coaching, & clinical hypnotherapy to completely heal and release the root of the issue you’re facing right now. It’s the cornerstone of my practice, and the reason I founded Palladium Mind. Simply put, I’m in love with working with clients in this way, and they’re in love with it too.

This structure is perfect for working the following types of issues:

  • Bulletproof confidence & Self-Esteem (putting the inner critic to bed forever)

  • Consistent Calm, equanimity in the face of any turbulence in your environment

  • more joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment from your life

  • Increase healthy connection in your life

  • Emotional mastery, Motivation & Energy

  • Claiming the next level of professional success for you

  • Success & wealth mindset (raising your money consciousness for tangible results)

  • ⊗ perfectionism

  • ⊗ racing thought patterns and anxious worrying

  • ⊗ numbing behaviors and habits

How do you know if 10 Weeks is right for you?

  • You know your outcome is worth fighting for, and you are ready to invest in yourself

  • The time is NOW to make the change you desire and claim the joy that is your birthright

  • You know that change always requires we leave our comfort zones - and your outcome is worth it

  • You are open to the fact that the problem you’re experiencing has something of value for you, and even that it might exist for your benefit

  • You are coachable

  • You value direct, loving communication

  • You follow through for yourself

  • And you understand that you are responsible for the experience you’re having  - and for changing it

If you’re a yes for all of the above, let’s connect by phone! Mandy can help you determine best next steps for you.