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What qualifies me to talk to you about your dreams & your life? 

Satisfaction, true happiness and goal achievement are such personal and important subjects.  You deserve to know more about me so you can decide if I’m someone you want assistance from when it comes to making critical positive changes, so you can swiftly have exactly what you want most in life. Below is a summary of my academic, work and life experience.


My Story

I’m the oldest of five girls, all born inside 7 years to very young parents.

Raised in north Georgia, I knew a couple things very early on: I wanted to see the world, and I wanted to support myself.

Neither of my parents had completed college, so when my father told me, “Mandy, any school you can figure out how to get into, I’ll find a way to pay for,” a quiet voice inside of me said, “That isn’t what’s going to happen.”  

Determined, smart, polite and ambitious, at the age of 17 I was accepted into the Air Force Academy and headed to Colorado Springs for boot camp.

I had poor self esteem, weak boundaries, and an insatiable need for external validation. And so while I excelled at everything I did, and was graduating at the top of my class, in the winter of my final year, all coping mechanisms were breaking down; I found myself in tears seemingly without reason and missing classes for the first time in my life.

Coincidentally over Christmas my mother had bought my dad a session with a hypnotherapist to stop smoking, and for lack of us knowing what else to do, I went for a visit as well.

That hour I spent with a gentleman hypnotherapist in north GA, 2005 put my life on a new trajectory - albeit at the time I did not appreciate exactly how.

Fast forward ten years, 26 countries, and leadership roles in three commercial industries later, I had objectively achieved a great deal of success and every reason in the world to be happy.

But I wasn’t. Despite achieving so much, my internal experience was one of anxiousness, self-criticality and worry.

So in 2015, I finally reached out for help once again - for the help of a hypnotherapist.  I knew it was time to heal the inner critic, make peace with anxiety, and move forward for good.

The results of working in a methodical way with an experienced practitioner were so profound, quick and transformative that later that year, I began my own hypnotherapy practice in Seattle, WA.

Hypnotherapy was so transformative for me that I left a leadership role at the Paul Allen Company Stratolaunch in order to pursue this work full time, as I know it is my calling.

I want everyone in the world to have access to this information.


“highly recommend MANDY to anyone looking to live with clarity, certainty and without fear.”

Mandy is truly the most caring and empathetic therapist I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Until seeing her I had never tried hypnotherapy and I was surprised as to how quickly and easily we got down to the root of my emotional and mental pains and blockage. It felt as if all of the weight on my shoulders were lifted after my first intensive, and they are still more than manageable weeks later.
- Paul C. Seattle WA, Public Review on Google


My Experience

I know what it’s like to waste years trying to figure out, or solve, a problem that is emotional in its nature.

I know what it’s like to get every external indicator of success, and still not enjoy satisfaction or contentment.

I know what it’s like to lose things of value because I was not ready to keep them.

And I know what it’s like to deny myself care because “my problems are nothing in comparison to others’.”

While I have a bounty of relevant experience from my careers as an AF Officer and a leader in commercial aerospace, space, and medical device industries, my most important and extensive training is from my life experiences.  

I still have a thirst for accomplishment... I am still LIT UP by the results - not so much by the process, hah!

I’m still an overachiever.

But I know from experience exactly how to leave anxiety behind for good, and I can show you how, and help you to DO it.

This is what is possible through strategic use of imagery:  True root cause resolution, an experience of peace that is lasting, and healthy interdependence with others.

The answers are already within you; in fact, they’re actually yelling at you!  I can show you how to hear them.


Academic Qualifications

I earned my MA in Economics in 2009, and my BS in Economics from the US Air Force Academy in 2005 (graduating with distinction, studying abroad in Prague at Charles University, and representing my class as an exchange student abroad at the Academia General del Aire, Spain).  

I studied neurolinguistic programming extensively in London and New Mexico (approx. 4 weeks in-residence to become a Certified Practitioner), and I am also a certified clinical hypnotherapist (CCHT) holding more than 500 in-residence hours of training and education. I am also a certified yoga instructor.


10 Fun Facts about Mandy: 

1. Meyers Briggs: INTJ - that’s the Spock personality, hah!

2. Secret Desire: To finally nail my handstand

3. Struggled With: Depression & Anxiety

4. Guilty Pleasure: Instagram :)

5. Hidden Talent: I am a portrait artist!

6. Countries Visited: 26 and counting…

7. Most unusual vacation: Antarctica

8. Most enjoy: Leading rock & ice climbs

9. Favorite Artist: Greg MacDonald, Moab UT

10. Favorite Place on Earth: The bench in front of the Dying Lion Memorial, Lucern, Switzerland


“I love Mandy, pure and simple.”

She is a wonderful mix of heart and pragmatism, always with an eye to what will work with the particular issue you're dealing with. She is trained in various modalities, so working with her is a creative process, based on what seems appropriate to your life and where you are on that particular leg of the journey – the opposite of a one-size-fits-all approach.

The thing that sets her apart is her compassion and kindness, combined with a clear-eyed sensibility that "gets it" but doesn't indulge it. My highest recommendations – and good luck on your journey.
- Kathryn C. Seattle WA, Public Review on Yelp


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