Retreat & Detox

Have you ever gotten a chance to step back and look closer at the same time?

Retreat is such an important choice for us humans to make. Today {Saturday} David and I at least *doubled* the amount of time spent away from our phones, and my own findings were tantalizing. Want to know?
As you might know, David and I got engaged last weekend!!! For months we’ve talked about taking a night away from home to a bed and breakfast. Well, this happened to be the weekend, and we chose Sequim.

Sequim means ‘calm waters’ in Klallam. We left the city by ferry last night and took our time this morning with quiche.

We went to the spit and heard the waves (pictured), we went to the Olympic wildlife preserve and fed bison by hand, we ate a farm-to-table lunch, saw a lavender field, and then got side by side massages for the first time. We watched deer graze in the front lawn for an hour and then spent 30 minutes on our phones.

Taking a little time away today made me realize what’s lost when blowing time by scrolling.

Truth is, I LOVE reading others thoughts and seeing their pictures... I am a mega GEEK about supporting friends by liking their content every time I see it.  I get SO inspired by what I see online — I end up consuming consuming consuming and not creating!

For me personally, the problem isn’t a fear of missing out, or anything negative - my feeds are clean and I only follow accounts and people that bring me joy. But there’s something called too much of a good thing... 😂

Looking at the world through others’ eyes feels so deliciously addictive to me!! And it took me getting away this weekend to notice.

I can change my experience any time I want to, -and- no one can change it but me! Awareness makes everything so easyyyy.

So a little tweak and some follow through and it’s done! Have you taken a digital detox lately! Or taken a restorative retreat? Share what worked for you please!!

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