360 Mastery


Empowered support is not about bearing someone’s burden, but helping them lift it themselves.

The Masters Program exists to optimally support a person who is ready to reclaim the joy of the life they’ve already devoted so much time, love, and energy to build.

10 months in length, 360 Mastery is a custom curated, unlimited 1:1 support engagement, plus some light-but-powerful structure to serve client best interest. It’s designed for the person who has already built a life worth having, and who is now ready to truly enjoy it.

What makes 360 Mastery different from our other offerings?

The main difference from the 10 week program and private intensive is that its purpose is to create expansion. Expand what’s beautiful, release what’s not beneficial, over a span of time adequate to call in the outcome.

We’re in a position to let go of what does not serve your growth and joy, shift the energy of obstacles swiftly and precisely, and to bring in the meat of what is needed to have the different experience you deserve. You might know the quote, “No problem can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it.” In the Mastery Program, Mandy helps you raise your own consciousness to create a paradigm shift in your life. With every new awareness that you gain, your ability to even have those same problems will be forever changed.

By application only; limited openings.