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Fundamentals:  How the Mind Works

There are two main aspects of the human mind:

Conscious (limited processing capability, wields logic and willpower) and Subconscious (the seat of emotion, imagination, dreams, instinct, and long-term memory).  The Conscious Mind has the role of “accepting” or “deciding” what is true, before choices are then automated by the Subconscious according to these beliefs.

The purpose of Subconscious automation is to keep us safe, by freeing up limited analysis bandwidth of the Conscious Mind and allowing us to act instinctually.  The mechanism of Subconscious automation is Emotion.  Once an idea is accepted by the Subconscious as true, it is charged with negative or positive emotion, moving us ever-after towards pleasure and away from pain.  Each time that suggestion is accepted anew, its emotional charge increases. Habits and unconscious responses are created and strengthened in this way, according to the experiences we have and to the associations we make.

The Conscious Mind gives us the unique opportunity to deviate from instinct, making our lives vivid, but also complex.  In order to take advantage of this choice, Step #1 is to become aware of our own subconscious “programming”, or Belief Systems.  This can happen when we relax the inner critic, stop analyzing, and listen in new ways. The skill is called hypnosis.


Hypnotherapy &
Neurolinguistic Programming Basics

While classical hypnotherapy addresses content (quality) of belief/memory/experience, NLP addresses structure.  I weave NLP into every session because the structure of our beliefs has just as much transformational leverage as content does, and NLP offers additional tools which clients enjoy.

NLP is a “solution-based” approach, using what we know about how emotion is created or applied to belief content.  The direction and values come from you, the client.  We use imagery and the Internal Representational System (the imagination’s version of the five senses) to make change happen.  It’s gentle, instantaneous, creative, complete, and honestly kind of fun.

Hypnotherapy has two major branches, and I use both:  suggestion therapy and uncovering (analytical) techniques.  All styles and schools of hypnotherapy (i.e. Ericksonian, Alchemical, Transpersonal, etc.) break down to be a form of one or a combination of both.  Suggestion therapy is saturating the mind with the right thinking and imagery to bring about new positive behavior. Analytical techniques are for processing and healing the underlying subconscious cause(s) of the issue being worked.

These modalities, practical executive experience across four industries, and nine years leadership in the Department of Defense are the cornerstone resources of my practice.

Just so happens, connecting with subconscious information by using imagery like we will is quick, fun, natural, and gentle.  And because “what has been seen cannot be unseen,” when we create new awareness and perspective shift by working directly with subconscious information, the changes are immediate and lasting.


Hypnosis and Brain States

Waking, Daydreaming, Light Sleep, Deep Sleep.  

Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta.

These are all natural states of mind, accessible to everyone, and we enter all of these brain wave patterns daily.

Of all the ranges of brain activity, Alpha is especially beneficial.  Playing sports, meditating, coloring, “zoning out”, and accessing Flow State are all examples of times when you were probably in alpha brain frequencies: hypnosis, or light trance.  

In this state, we set aside normal internal dialogue and mind chatter, and become more in control of our minds — fully immersed in an idea — better able to focus.  

Transformational shifts in awareness happen for people in this spectrum.

During our first session you will begin to access this relaxed mental state of increased control (alpha brain wave frequency, approx. between 8 and 14 Hz, hypnosis) on your command.  You will bring to conscious awareness the subconscious programming that is running you daily, and reject that which doesn’t serve your goals.

To reach this place of mental quiet takes practice.  It’s not something that I can do “to you”, but it is something that I can teach you.   The fact is, many people are walking around hypnotized, but the object of focus is not of their conscious choosing.  They are lost in concerns or worries, retraining the same thought patterns which created the problem or issue. If this sounds familiar, together we will break the pattern and increase your power of choice.  To reiterate, it is not possible for anyone to control your actions or thoughts through hypnosis.  The graph below shows the same; only you can accept or decide that something is true.

Brain Waves and Brain States

Frequently Asked Questions


What happens during the Activation session?

First hour of any initial engagement we get through three things: scope the issue, define the desired outcome, answer questions (2-way!). Sometimes people want to do change-work before we even share an understanding of what’s currently going on...that’s not in anyone’s best interest, so we don’t practice that way! We will get to know each other, help you get clear on exactly what you want most, and then answer any questions you have about the tools we use, and Mandy will share some education with you. After the first hour, we’ll spend the last 30 minutes playing with trance. Get ready to let your critical mind take a vacation for half an hour, and prepare to enjoy the wonderful, juicy, well-being elixir known as trance.

How do I know if this modality can help me with the issue I’m facing?

At Palladium Mind, we are not medical doctors, nurses, or other licensed professionals. We aren’t psychologists, lawyers, or financial advisors :) However - any issue you’re experiencing “automatically” - without conscious choice - has been relegated to the control of your subconscious mind. The way to communicate with the subconscious is through relaxation of criticality… Since imagery is the language of your subconscious, it is the PERFECT tool to create the change you desire. This means this modality can provide great - if not complete - resolution. We created a wonderful resource you can get here for free if you want to learn more!

Why don’t hypnotherapy and other alternative modalities work on everyone?

Just like coaching, counseling, mentoring - these modalities can only create the change that client desires. Desire is the critical word here. At Palladium, this is a really important aspect of change work - no one can be tricked, forced or coerced into anything. This powerful tool of change is available for clients who are invested and emotionally engaged in their own outcomes. Results can vary, but time and time again prove consistent when rapport and trust are good between practitioner and client, and when client has a strong emotionalized desire for change (follow through and commitment to one’s own healing process are critical). More detail can be found here in this easy pdf resource.

I read that change can occur in as little as one session - what should I expect?

Results can be very dramatic; expecting a miraculous outcome is magical thinking and should be avoided in order to achieve profound and lasting results. Once discovery happens between you and your practitioner, she will be able to give you some recommendations regarding what to expect, based on the outcome you wish to achieve. There are no true “easy buttons” in life. That being said, this can certainly feel like it! Check out this quick reference sheet we made just for you.

Can everyone be hypnotized?

Hypnosis is the natural waking brain state for anyone under the age of 7. See the section above titled Hypnosis & Brain States for additional information. Everyone has access to trance states, although few people practice it so as to be able to access a hypnotic state on command. Adults are in and out of trance multiple times a day, though few realize it.

Will I remember what happens during sessions?

Unless a client drifts into a light sleep momentarily, yes session work is remembered!




“I can’t say enough about what Mandy and her work have done for my family and for me.”

Mandy was the first person to introduce me to hypnotherapy, and just that introduction changed my life. Just hearing someone speak about the possibility of change and healing in this way opened a whole new horizon for me. Later, when I had sessions with her, the experience as well as the results were beyond soothing and exceptional.

Mandy helped me to find more peace and tranquility in my life through our hypnotherapy sessions. She also helped my father [an Orthopedic Surgeon] to undergo a life altering/potentially life threatening surgery — her pre-surgery hypnotherapy sessions were one of the biggest reasons for his positive and full recovery.
- Virginia S. Cody WY, Public Review on Google


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