Your EQ Superhero is Batman


Wow, the strong, silent type! You have some amazing Traits…

You are naturally a protector, and have a guiding sense of purpose and responsibility.

You often prioritize others needs and are dependable, capable, resourceful and loyal.

Your energy is steady, your values strong, but sometimes your own needs take last place on your to do list.

Special Difficulties of Being Batman:

Even though you live your life among others, and are often part of the bustle of your “Gotham”, it can get lonely bearing the burden of responsibility that you do! And the thing about Batman is, his first nature is not to draw others close.

At his best, he’s always there for those who need and love him. At other times, he can feel disconnected, and numb interactions that are challenging.

What batman needs to live his most vibrant and inspirational Story:

Batman will always maintain a certain degree of mystery about his life. Though his heart is big, his inner world is seen by a lucky few. Mandy helps him access his most consistent, postive energy by resolving some of the dark that’s crept in slowly over time, so that he can live his purpose, have more fun, and be emotionally available to the ones who matter most.