Your EQ Superhero is Ironman


so beautifully versatile…

Ironman, you are like a swiss army knife of superheroes... of all five types, you represent the most balanced.

Well adjusted - perhaps the best adjusted of all the superheroes, you appear well-adapted to life with others as your amazing self.

Innovative, connected, and interdependent, your character has evolved steadily over time.

You are the superhero who knows himself best, and you accepted your nature (and your evolutions) more instinctively and willingly than many do, which is to your advantage. You are most able to trust your intuition and find balance in experiences as well.

Special Difficulties of BEING Ironman:

Ironman’s gift and curse is that he does not battle with himself as others tend to do. He innately accept changes that arise, and calls upon a wide and balanced assortment of gifts and traits, depending on the circumstance.

But such versatility can yield wasted energy or indecision, and at its worst, a perception of unpredictability to others. Such amazing trust in one’s own intuition can sometimes be mistaken for disconnection.

What IRONMAN needs to live his most vibrant and inspirational Story:

Ironman will always rely on his own inner compass to innovate, and to move ever-upward. Mandy also helps him ground his decisions in consistency, and flex into his most reliable skillsets in order to derive maximum joy from the rich resources of his mind and life.