Your EQ Superhero is James Bond


Ok, so maybe Bond is not a “true” superhero,

but we will just call you 007…

Exquisitely independent, highly capable, and maybe even charming, you are a force to be reckoned with!

You are strongly driven by purpose, and even visionary. Focused on results and able to deliver, your sights are trained on your objectives.

There is an intensity about you, which makes total sense given your personal history… You will always state your mind, and are you prepared to handle anything.

If you had a fault it could only be the fierceness of your self-reliance, which may sometimes create its own challenge.

Special Difficulties of Being BOND:

Although you are not allergic to social interactions {and look dashing in a tux!}, few have truly gotten to know the real you. 007 is licensed to kill and can have a short fuse, but his decisiveness and emotional distance are part of his strength.

At his best, Bond aptly takes care of himself AND others. At other times, he can feel quick to anger, or to push others away. His cool-or-fiery demeanor (as the situation dictates) can be misunderstood for selfishness or lack of caring, although that’s not what drives this powerhouse.

What james needs to live his most vibrant and inspirational Story:

James will always enjoy some healthy emotional distance from others, while strongly advocating for his own needs! This is really a gift to those who love him. Mandy also helps him heal the parts of his story that make connection harder than it needs to be, so he can live the richest and most joyful life possible.