Your EQ Superhero is Spiderman


Wow, You are a super connector!

You are naturally a protector, with an ability to relate to so many people. You have a soft heart, and have a guiding sense of purpose and responsibility.

You often prioritize others needs and are dependable, capable, resourceful and loyal.

You are strongly driven by your values, and part of those values include the ones you hold dear such as Aunt May and M.J. But if your energy is drained and things get challenging, you can experience down feelings. Which makes total sense given your personal history…

Special Difficulties of Being Spiderman:

You know what it’s like to have experienced pain and loss. You also bear an enormous burden: “With great power comes great responsibility.” And the thing about Spiderman is, he’s been an underdog and his emotions are part of his strength.

At his best, he’s always there for those who need and love him. At other times, he can feel burdened or excessively responsible, which can cause him to retreat into self or, dwell in the lower spectrums of energy.

What Spiderman needs to live his most vibrant and inspirational Story:

Spiderman will always need his loved ones close. Mandy also helps him heal the parts of the story that weigh him down so he can soar in his highest, strongest energy and keep on kicking ass and taking names.