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“Every experience with Mandy has been amazing.”

When I met Mandy for my consultation, I told her what kind of help I needed but why I felt really discouraged up until that point. She let me know that she would be able to help me and that I would definitely see results. I was skeptical at first but I wanted to trust someone so I went for it.

Every session with Mandy has been life changing. I try to explain it sometimes to my friends and family but there's really no words. It's really something that you have to experience for yourself. 

I know that I still need to see Mandy but not for the same reasons that I originally had. She was able to help me reach a point where I don't feel anxious anymore and I have not had any panic attacks in months. It truly is amazing. 

I have referred my friend to Mandy because I really feel like she can help anyone, no matter what the issue is. You just have to really want to do this for yourself. Although life can get really busy and exhausting, you have to take that step to take care of yourself. I look forward to my next session!
- Jaqulyn K. Seattle W, Public Review on Google


“highly recommend MANDY to anyone looking to live with clarity, certainty and without fear.”

Mandy is truly the most caring and empathetic therapist I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Until seeing her I had never tried hypnotherapy and I was surprised as to how quickly and easily we got down to the root of my emotional and mental pains and blockage. It felt as if all of the weight on my shoulders were lifted after one intensive and they are still more than manageable weeks later.
- Paul C. Seattle WA, Public Review on Yelp


“There are no words to adequately describe what Mandy did for my family.”

In late 2016 my daughter began to have panic attacks that left her unable to attend school or leave our home without myself or my husband with her.

We sought the help of several doctors/therapists, all of which made firm recommendations that we medicate with an antidepressant and/or benzodiazepine to combat her diagnosis: depression/severe panic disorder.

As a mother, I couldn’t bear the idea of placing my 13 year old daughter on these medications without exhausting every option first. In a last ditch effort to find peace for our girl, I began to research hypnotherapy.  I reached out to Mandy, and I cannot tell you how glad I am that we did. Within days after the first session we began to see a massive change in our daughter.

Fast forward three months (4 sessions later) and I am thrilled to say that I feel like I have witnessed a miracle.  I know that sounds extreme, but Mandy accomplished in 4 sessions, what doctors told me could not be done without medications.

My daughter is happy again. She is thriving, growing, and living her life without fear. I know that the gift Mandy has been blessed with is what has given me my girl back.  If you are struggling, PLEASE consider contacting Mandy at Prism Hypnotherapy. She is nothing short of incredible at what she does, and I will forever be indebted to her for what she has done for my child.
- Brandie M.  Huntsville AL, Public Review on Yelp


“Mandy truly has a gift.”

I needed help to get through a rough patch in life and had tried a couple of different counselors and traditional therapy. I felt like Mandy really gave me some great tools to use to reset and recalibrate a lot of the deeper ways my mind processes information.

I really do feel a huge shift in mindset and overall outlook on life now and can credit Mandy for help in this way. For those looking for meaningful change, I can't recommend her more.
- Josh G. Kent WA, Public Review on Yelp


“I love Mandy, pure and simple.”

She is a wonderful mix of heart and pragmatism, always with an eye to what will work with the particular issue you're dealing with. She is trained in various modalities, so working with her is a creative process, based on what seems appropriate to your life and where you are on that particular leg of the journey – the opposite of a one-size-fits-all approach.

The thing that sets her apart is her compassion and kindness, combined with a clear-eyed sensibility that "gets it" but doesn't indulge it. My highest recommendations – and good luck on your journey.
- Kathryn C. Seattle WA, Public Review on Yelp


“MANDY is simply the best.”

This review is long overdue. I'm finally sitting down to write it because anyone who's struggling deserves an opportunity to see Mandy.  I started seeing Mandy a little over two years ago. Two years later, I don't honestly know what I would have done without her. 

I sought her help initially to overcome a self-destructive  pattern of behavior that I'd struggled with silently since childhood. Because of the profound results I experienced after our first session, I've been back to see Mandy any time I've found myself struggling and unable to overcome something on my own - no matter the concern. 

Most recently, I had a session with Mandy to overcome challenges at work. I'd been put in a new role outside of my area of expertise with a high degree of responsibility and visibility. I was dreading an upcoming presentation to unveil my global strategy and was having trouble getting out of my own way. I found myself thinking that I wasn't capable or smart enough to succeed. Even more alarming, I had zero motivation to even try - something I'd never experienced in my career before that point. Fear of public speaking was the cherry on top, as I was to present my strategy to a room of stakeholders. I had two weeks until my deadline and was getting desperate. After one session with Mandy, I was able to muster the energy and focus needed to finish the work. I went into the presentation without fear, with conviction, and with EXCITEMENT. After I'd finished delivering the strategy, I was praised and congratulated by my peers and superiors alike.  The immediate, tangible results that Mandy delivers time and again never cease to stun me.

If you haven't seen a hypnotherapist before and are anything like me, you probably possess a healthy dose of skepticism. The truth is, hypnotherapy isn't a miracle and it isn't magic. The speed and completeness of results can sure make it feel that way, though!  Like any type of therapist, not all hypnotherapists are created equally. Mandy is simply the best. She has had a direct, profound impact on my sense of self-worth, my sense of life-direction, my motivation, my confidence, and the quality of my relationships (both with myself and with others). That said, the greatest gift she's given me is a sense of peace. 
- Erika W. Seattle WA, Public Review on Yelp

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“If you are edging towards upgrading your life...”

Mandy is an incredible person to work with. I had a wonderful intensive over the phone that seemed subtle, yet impacted my day to day thinking dramatically.

She supported my process and helped me build a solid foundation of where I can improve in my current struggles. And the sound of her voice is SO relaxing!! I would recommend her to anyone...
- Taylor M. Scottsdale AZ, Public Review on Google


“Working with Mandy changed my life.”

I was in a quagmire of past trauma and PTSD and Mandy helped me to gain insight into how it was actually effecting my life and how to just seal it and leave it in the past.

Within two months of our sessions I have seen my life blossom with new growth and am making life changing decisions.
- Stephanie D. Kailua HI, Public Review on Google

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“My work with Mandy can be described in one word: transformational.”

As a business owner and full-time working mom of three, I often feel like my life is going a thousand miles per hour. With all of the demands on my time and energy, I can easily slip into a place of anxiety and overwhelm. I was aware that I needed to make a change, develop some new skills, or access different tools in order to fully show up for my family and my clients to the best of my ability, but I had no idea where to even begin.

Mandy was able to quickly assess my situation and get right to the heart of what was troubling me. She was able to put words to the feelings I struggled to describe. I thought, "YES! She knows exactly what I need." Not only did I feel heard and understood, but I left our very first session better equipped to handle the demands of my life. Mandy didn't just give me a one-time Band-Aid or distraction, she gave me the gift of a technique that I can use every single day to achieve peace and settle overwhelm.

Mandy was also able to help me with a very specific physical illness that I have been struggling with for more than six months. I experienced the power of her work by not only alleviating mental and emotional pain but physical pain as well. I still can't believe that by working together over the phone I was physically transformed, but after our program I felt like a better version of myself. I can't recommend Mandy enough and have been telling all my friends about her! She is truly a master at what she does and when you are with her, you are in the best of hands.
- Lindsay Y. Monrovia CA, Public Review on Google


“Mandy has completely changed the way I live my life on a daily basis.”

Out of desperation, I found myself seeking a hypnotherapist and I am so lucky I came across Mandy. Within minutes I knew that she was who I wanted to work with. She is so incredibly passionate about the work that she does, she speaks with the best intent and complete confidence.

With each meeting I had with Mandy, I left feeling more complete. I went in with a single problem I wanted to solve and came out not only conquering my fear but also feeling more confident in my everyday life.

If you're reading this. Schedule an appointment with Mandy. The investment that Mandy helps you make in your life is priceless.
- Jeff L. Seattle WA, Public Review on Yelp


“If you are interested in making changes in your life, I highly recommend Mandy.”  

Mandy provides a remarkably effective service for you to reach real results quickly. Mandy is highly professional and deeply empathetic in her approach. She is exceptional at working with you to narrow down the changes you are seeking, identifying methods that enable you to make those changes and then works with you to craft tools specific to you for lasting change. 

I have worked with Mandy on areas of my life including health, confidence and overall well-being, all of which have had a real, positive impact with each of our sessions.

The office is welcoming, comfortable and in a convenient central location. If you are interested in making changes in your life, I highly recommend Mandy.
- Anonymous Client, Seattle WA, Public Review on Yelp


“I feel like a new person.”

Recently I had been struggling more and more with my confidence and self worth. My anxieties were getting the best of me as a mother and wife. I was also having a difficult time excelling in the workplace. These internal fears were hindering me from being who and where I wanted to be. I've tried different methods to help; counseling, medication, exercise. It has helped stabilize my anxieties, temporarily.

I wanted to try something different. Something that would have long term effects, hypnosis. I was quite skeptical at first. I was nervous walking into the unknowing. Upon meeting Mandy, that all went away. She made me feel comfortable and was extremely passionate. Mandy explained everything in detail throughout the appointment. I felt as though I was chatting with a longtime friend. 

Fast forward after this powerhouse session, I feel like a new person. In just one visit I could feel a positive change emotionally! If you've considered hypnosis in the past or interested in trying it out, please don't hesitate. It's a game changer in my book. Thank you Mandy!!! .
- Alexandra A. Lynnwood, WA, Public Review on Yelp


“I’m thrilled with the results in my self-confidence, physical appearance and health.”  

I had amazing hypnotherapy sessions with Mandy about 6 months ago, and since that time I’ve lost 28 pounds. I feel good in my own skin, maybe for the first time ever. I am 32 years old and have struggled with self-esteem and managing my weight for 15 years.

I’ve always carried between 20 and 30 unnecessary pounds on my small 5’2″ frame, and I never really believed I was capable of shedding the excess weight and having the energy and self-image I wanted.

Mandy and I had a really fun and enlightening first session where we identified two specific things that might help me achieve my goals, and the next day she led me through a private intensive. I enjoyed it and felt good afterwards, but I didn’t think too much of it at first, and I didn’t notice any major changes right away. But for the last six months, I have steadily, pound by pound, lost all the weight I have struggled unsuccessfully to lose for so many years.

It’s almost like I didn’t have to do anything to drop the weight, after so many years of trying. Mandy was accepting, caring, and professional during our session, and she approached our time together with openness and this really special kind of creativity. It was obvious she is passionate about hypnotherapy and its benefits. I would highly recommend trying her service, not matter what your personal ailments, concerns, or goals are.
- Melissa B. Berkeley CA, Public Review on Google


“I got 10x the value that I expected.”

Mandy truly has a gift. I have worked with her on and off for more than two years and recommend her to everyone. She helped me to completely resolve an issue and move forward in a productive, easy way even beginning after our very first interaction.. She is genuine, talented and deeply caring.

I strongly believe she is the best at what she does, and she prioritizes what’s best for me first every single time – even if it’s not always what I want to hear. I got ten times the value that I expected. Highly recommend Mandy to anyone seeking greater sense of control and confidence in his life.
- Anthony A. San Francisco, CA, Public Review on Google

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“Working with Mandy Barbee was a life changing experience.”

I had a particularly traumatic experience in my past that I thought I had worked through. It had resurfaced and I was having a lot of anxiety and stress around it.

In my intensive with Mandy she completely removed this issue from my mind to the point where I could no longer even grasp the worry thoughts anymore.

Having this cleared has been such a gamechanger and created such a feeling of peace and security in my life.
- Jordan D. Asheville NC, Public Review on Google


“I can’t say enough about what Mandy and her work have done for my family and for me.”

Mandy was the first person to introduce me to hypnotherapy, and just that introduction changed my life. Just hearing someone speak about the possibility of change and healing in this way opened a whole new horizon for me. Later, when I had sessions with her, the experience as well as the results were beyond soothing and exceptional. Mandy helped me to find more peace and tranquility in my life through her sessions with me.

She also helped my father [an Orthopedic Surgeon] to undergo a life altering/potentially life threatening surgery — her pre-surgery hypnotherapy sessions were one of the biggest reasons for his positive and full recovery.
- Virginia S. Cody WY, Public Review on Google


“I was delighted with my experience.”

Mandy was warm, flexible, patient, and creative. I had never tried hypnotherapy before, but was seeking a new tool and resource to approach a difficult problem.

Mandy provided me a number of new resources in a hurry. I was very impressed with my experience and I will go back when it is time to approach new goals.
- Kristen W. Seattle WA, Public Review on Yelp

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“I couldn't be happier with the results.”

As a mom of three kids under three (including twins), I take my mental health and self care seriously. I recently booked a session with Mandy and I couldn't be happier with the experience and with the results. I admittedly was a bit skeptical of hypnotherapy, but I also feel that anxiety and stress can be manageable without medication and other more extreme means, and I have heard good things from a few friends who tried hypnosis to address various mental/emotional issues and roadblocks. I'm officially a convert! Mandy is warm, thoughtful, and extremely professional and I loved my session with her.
- Leah W. Seattle WA, Public Review on Yelp

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“Mandy is absolutely amazing at what she does.”

Not only is she kind, thoughtful, and considerate, she really gives you space to sink into where you need to be. We did an intensive together and the results were amazing! I gained a lot of clarity on some issues I was going through, and lots of revelations came up after the session. Would highly recommend!
- Celinne C. New York NY, Public Review on Google


“I ended up getting the job and this was only after one intensive.”

Mandy has this unique ability to listen to you describe your issue, get at the root of the problem, then flip it to give you the tools necessary to overcome the issue.

I've had a difficult time with interviews and social anxiety and my first session with her covered this problem. Mandy gave me a recording of our session to take home with me to listen to. I was religious about it, listened to it everyday up until my next big interview. I was able to project confidence and communicate well, and although I was still nervous, it wasn't the debilitating anxiety that I was used to experiencing.

I ended up getting the job and this was only after one hypnotherapy session. Now we're getting into more of the social anxiety and I'm so grateful I found Mandy to help me with this issue. She is completely nonjudgmental and you really feel safe while exploring some tricky personal issues.
- Alex G. Bellevue WA, Public Review on Yelp


“My work with Mandy HAVE BEEN LIFE CHANGING...”

Mandy is a truly caring, thoughtful and compassionate specialist. My sessions with her have been life changing - I've been able to break barriers with my struggles of communication, and she's helped me recognize and conquer my internal fears, anxiety, depression, and regain a sense of self worth as I go through a difficult time in my life. With the work we've done together, I feel more confident and pointed in the right direction. I can't recommend Mandy enough!
- Brian H. Old Ballard, Seattle WA, Public Review on Yelp


“I highly recommend Mandy to anyone seeking relief from worry, stress, or anxiety.”

Mandy's practice is unique because of her pragmatic, holistic, and results-oriented approach. I was really happy with the process start to finish and grateful for the honest and clear direction she gave. This was my first experience with hypnotherapy, but it was strikingly different than what I expected, in a really positive way.

She's a master and I would encourage anyone who's on the fence about making significant and meaningful changes to schedule a session.
- Bobby G. Seattle WA, Public Review on Google


“strongly recommend...”  

I have gone to "regular" therapists on and off over the past ten years or so. Therapy has only felt moderately helpful for me in the past. I always seemed to plateau at describing and analyzing my problem over and over, but never really getting to a new level of clarity or resolution.

Hypnotherapy offered a new approach and I was open to trying anything. With Mandy's help I was able to tap deeper into my emotions, memories, and experiences that set patterns for my life I didn't even realize existed - thereby allowing me to break these old patterns through more awareness of them. She guided me through a series of sessions that eventually led me to make some very deeply rooted connections between my current issues and childhood experiences. I would have never been able to get to this level of depth without her help and the clarity it has brought is invaluable.

Mandy's guidance through hypnotherapy was gentle, effective, and has left me with several tools that I know I will utilize in the future. To anyone who feels they have "already tried therapy", I would strongly recommend this approach. It truly is a different and an extremely effective method.
- Anonymous Client, Seattle WA, Public Review on Yelp


“next-level approach...”

Mandy guided me through a difficult period of transition earlier this year. Her exceptional care, quick wit and serious skills helped me to come out of our sessions a better person on multiple dimensions.

I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking for a next-level approach to everyday issues that impact us all from time to time. Thank you, Mandy!
- Julie K. Seattle WA, Public Review on Google


“My experience with Mandy was transformational.”

I came to her at a difficult point in my life, when I needed more than talk therapy: I needed action to take to pull myself out of my slump. Over the course of our sessions, I got that and more. I believe our work together was key in setting me on a new course, one where I am happier and more in control. I can’t recommend working with Mandy highly enough.
- Lawrence W. Seattle W, Public Review on Yelp



Mandy is gifted, compassionate, and intuitive.  She has helped me with insomnia in a way I never thought possible, and the results began after the very first session. 

She asks a lot of questions, takes copious notes, and integrates the information she hears into a set of suggestions that are in the client’s own language, and are therefore personal, rather than generic.  This makes them especially helpful, because they ring so true. 

Mandy sees the “big picture” as she does her work, looking at the client’s obstacle from all angles, and getting to the heart of the problem, so that the resulting suggestions are very comprehensive, and therefore incredibly effective.  She also has a soothing, melodious voice–so important for this type of work.   I cannot recommend her highly enough.
- Molly M. Seattle WA