Ways We Serve Others:

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All appointments can be provided virtually.

Activation Sessions can happen in person or virtually.

Quickly map issue & vision with Mandy 1:1, learn the basics of transformation & self-hypnosis; experience the state and begin change work.

Results are a function of Direction and Speed; your Vision enables accurate direction, and comfort at higher speeds...

Clarify your Vision to produce immediate & substantial positive change

If you’re ready to completely overcome your own anxiousness, and regain a sense of connection, control, and happiness in your life, I created this program for you.

Book Activation or Performance & Clarity Call to determine fit.

The private intensive is complete experience of transformation - virtual OR in person - and a great place to start.

We map to vision, educate, & complete tons of transformation work.


This 4 month program creates desired transformations in every aspect of your life.

Book Activation or Performance & Clarity Call to determine fit.

Learn the how’s, what’s and why’s of swift lasting change in a virtual classroom.

The time is equal parts education as opportunity for your personal Q&A.