Palladium Accord;

a society for women


You’re reading this because you’ve been invited to something special.

one part girl gang and one part sangha, Palladium Accord is a place where women who have committed to a certain level of excellence, compassion, personal responsibility and moral integrity can be in community to receive and give support, celebrate, and grow with each other.

This tight society is available to those who have walked a certain path of healing; our thread of connection is a common set of values and the path of growth we are undertaking - together.


The value of being in supportive community and acceptance with other conscious women is INVALUABLE. The interactions change our lives, while creating a foundation for deeper, more meaningful connections with all the other humans in our lives, too.

Month to month, there are themes for discussion / education, to guide growth, health, and self-discovery. This will provide some structure throughout the year and help us to stay connected.

Nitty Gritty:

Purpose: Community, Compassion & Growth (growth includes support, action & learning

Eligibility: Women who have a desire for growth and community, who are graduates of Palladium core program of healing, and who value & demonstrate personal responsibility & integrity above all


  • Virtual meetings

    • 1 Live Call per month, 60-90 mins (pre-scheduled at the same recurring time monthly); Everyone will get a chance to share wins, share challenges, and ask for support they need, and we’ll discuss the month’s topic. We’ll be showing up with what’s going on and what’s needed so that we can celebrate each other, and support each other.

    • 1 special training per month, loosely relating to the month’s topic or to something that is especially timely or needed by the group, 60-90 mins

    • 1 Office Hours Call per month, 60-90 mins (scheduled on a floating basis at the start of each month – open for questions, connection, people can come and go as it serves them!)

  • Facebook group support

    • Within the Facebook Community, there will also be different resources of education/information month to month, exclusive to the group and all-included!

  • Opportunity to “bolt-on” additional 1:1 support with Mandy that’s ONLY AVAILABLE to ladies within our group

  • In-person gatherings as demand and opportunity presents

<This community is by invitation-only because people who have tapped deeper internal resources and awareness can come together to support each other in a unique way. It’s not meant to leave anyone out - we have supportive communities open to wider public as well. This is simply a more intimate experience.>